To be honest, making Orgone Energy Generators is not a hard task. As long as you have the right ingredients and the right positive intent you can produce them at home. Whether they be for gifting and tactical use or more decorative pieces which are generators in their own right but are also a great addition to any room.

Firstly you need to get everything you need which is -

Resin – Any type of resin, Polyester or Epoxy is great, you can buy this at most big DIY stores, generally in the car section, or online from numerous sites, too many to list!
All resins are Organic formed by Dibasic Organic Acids and Polyhydic Alcohol.

Metal Shavings – You can find any metal works in the Yellow Pages or similar, or again online for a business near to you. Hopefully you will get them for nothing, tell them what you want them for to spread the word, people do listen and, after you have made some, you can go back to them and gift them with what you have made, positive energy all the way again!

The only metal I have found tricky to work with is cast iron but it’s still useable just not as good as other metals. I have seen orgonite devices made from EVERYTHING… nails, screws, ball bearings, wire wool, and even tin foil! If you know someone with a lathe then even better as ’lathed metals’ for me are the best use. Not too big, nor too small though.

Quartz Crystals – These can be found from any type of Healing outlet, but you can get some great deals on Ebay. You can use Rock Crystals, Single or Double Terminated, as long as they are Quartz.

You can buy Lemurian seed crystals which are said to amplifie the vibration 3 times more than the normal Quartz, so the choice is yours but if you want to gift, then I would stick with the normal Rocks.

Gemstones – Purely an optional extra, you can add whichever stone that you feels draws you or a stone which would aid you in any way. Also, they do add a beautiful edge with the Quartz by giving off its own subtle vibrations into the Quartz Crystal

Moulds/Molds- Again, you can use loads of off the shelf things for this or buy online from many sites, Ice cube trays are great for tactical pieces and Latex moulds will take the heat of the resin, Glass is great, and Stainless Steel, We’ve never used wood but will update when we have.

Positive Intent -Last but by far no means least. Whilst making your Orgonite, the intent in what you are doing and the vibration you give off will ultimately affect the vibration your Orgone devices give off once cured and made.

Music – Optional extra again, but anything that uplifts you and makes you want to sing out loud and dance, because that in itself is giving off a positive natural energy within you and into the Orgone matrix.

Right, when you have all these items you can begin to make you own Orgone Energy Generator and gift like a mad person.

General Tools – Greaseproof paper, cocktail sticks are great for giving the mix a poke, lubricant, nail varnish remover (for any accidents!), spirit level.

Step 1.  Get everything you need into one place, find a mould and measure the volume with water so you know how much resin to make up.  If you can, use greaseproof paper as a base as the resin will not stick to it!

Step 2.  Lubricate your mould with WD40 or a similar lubricant, wipe off the excess and make sure your mould are level.

Step 3.  Put about 1/2 to 3/4 of the metal shavings in the mould and place the crystal in the middle of the mix.

Step 4.  Pour your measured resin into a container and add the correct amount of Catalyst, instructions are on the tins for percentages.  Too much catalyser will result in cracking and too little will cause the resin to cure very slowly.

Step 5.  Slowly pour the resin in until its all just covered and then give it abit of a poke and prod to release any air bubbles, which are trapped in the mix.

Step 6.  Top off the mould with more shavings and resin and again release any air bubbles, then give the mix another press down to compact any loose pockets.

Step 7. Check the level again and clean up all the tools used and make yourself a cup of tea, open the door and wait until it cures! Simple!

Make sure that you are in a ventilated place as the resin will smell and is not great for you.

Step 8. Depending on the resin used you can have a cured item within ½ an hour or up to 5 or 6 hours. Release the Pieces, if you have trouble then stick it in the freezer for ½ an hour and then have another go. Sand off any metal shavings than are not in the matrix and your done!.

We hope this is some help to you all, we can make a difference and we are making a difference…. Little steps……………….